Cookie Policy

1 Introduction

A cookie is a small text file which is stored on a user’s computer. It can contain information about the user and the way they interact with the internet and can help make a user’s online experience faster and more efficient. uses encrypted information gathered from them to help improve our visitors experience of the site. For example, they help us to identify and resolve errors, or to determine relevant information to show users when they are browsing. has a legal requirement under the Data Protection Legislation, to uphold the right to be informed about our collection and use of our client’s personal data (this includes via the use of Cookies).

2 Objective

This Policy is designed to explain the utilization of Cookies, and similar technologies as well as’s use of them on our sites and in our services, and tools. This Policy aims to clarify why uses Cookies and the benefit it provides to both our clients, and website-users, as well as the legal requirements that oversee our use of such technologies.

3 What Are Cookies, Web Beacons And Similar Technologies

Cookies: are small text files that are placed in our user’s browser memory or device when they visit our website or view a message. Cookies allow our website to recognise a particular browser or device.

Web beacons: are small graphic images that may be included on our website, services, messaging, and tools. Web beacons usually work in conjunction with cookies to identify our users and user behavior.

Similar technologies: refer to those that, similar to cookies, store information in our user’s browser or device utilising local shared objects or local storage, such as flash cookies, HTML 5 cookies, and other web application software methods. These technologies can operate across all of user browsers, and in some instances may not be fully managed by our user’s browser and may require management directly through our users’ device.

4 The Cookies We Use

The cookies we use have varying functions. They are either necessary for the functioning of our services, help us improve our performance, give our clients extra functionalities, or help us to serve our clients relevant and targeted ads.

There are a variety of Cookies that our website, services, and tools can use. These include:

  • Session cookies: These are cookies which are necessary for the operation of the site. However, these cookies are temporary, so they will be removed from a users’ computer as soon as they close their browser
  • Persistent cookies: These are cookies that remain on our user’s computer even after they close our website and their browser. These types of cookies allow our website to remember details about our users if they visit again, like how they previously used the site.
  • Analytical cookies: These are cookies that help us understand and analyse the use of our website. They record things like the number of times users visit, how long they stay on the site and how they reached our site. These cookies only track our users use of our site and do not track their use of other sites on the internet
  • Third party cookies: These cookies are set by sites other than the site a user is visiting. Some service providers, such as marketing firms may place third party cookies on users’ devices.

4.1 Why Uses Cookies’s use of cookies falls into four categories:

  1. Strictly Necessary (Essential). These cookies are essential for the operation of’s website, services, and tools. This includes technologies that allow our users to access and log into secure areas of our website. Such cookies are necessary to identify irregular site behavior, prevent fraudulent activity and improve security.
  2. Analytics Performance Related. Using analytic providers, we may use cookies to assess the performance and usage of our website, services, and tools, and enables us to improve these services. These cookies assist us in understanding how our users use our websites, and which parts of our website they use.
  3. Functionality Related. Such cookies allow us to offer enhanced functionality when accessing or using our sites, services, or tools. These cookies enable us to identify users so that we can keep track of user preferences (such as preferred language based on region) and interest. These cookies enable us to enhance the presentation of content on our sites.
  4. Advertising and Targeting. We may use first- or third-party cookies such as ad tags to deliver content, including ads relevant to our users interests. These cookies record our users visits to our site as well as other pages they have visited.

Personal information that may collect, collate, and store via the use of cookies (excluding essential cookies) are done so with the consent of our users. This consent is obtained on the initial visit of our site and is displayed prominently for our users to see. does not process any such information without the consent of its’ users.

5 Disabling Cookies

Our users are free to block, delete, or disable non-essential cookies if their device permits so. Users can manage their cookies and cookie preferences in their browser or device settings and can decline the use of non-essential cookies altogether. Our users are also directed to further information regarding disabling cookies on our website via the link to

6 Cookie Security

Where possible, security measures are set in place to prevent unauthorised access to our cookies. A unique identifier ensures that only we and/or our authorised service providers have access to cookie data.

Service providers are companies that help us with various aspects of our business, such as site operations, services, advertisements, and tools. We use some authorised service providers to help us to serve our users with relevant ads on our services and other places on the internet. These service providers may also place cookies on our users’ device via our services. They may also collect information that helps them identify user devices device, such as IP-address or other unique or device identifiers.

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