CCBill is a global financial technology company dedicated to building agile payment solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of merchants and consumers. Each day, their online payment services help power over 30,000 merchants in 197 countries. Setting a high standard for ecommerce compliance with their proprietary payment processing, merchant services, fraud protection, billing solutions and member management, CCBill is chosen by millions of global buyers for the transparent, convenient, and secure payment experience they provide.


phoenixNAP is a global IaaS provider with a goal to commoditize enterprise-grade technology and make it accessible to organizations of different sizes. Their mission is to provide outstanding value using state-of-the-art technology and service, while continually improving their technical and human assets. As a Next Wave Intel CSP and a Bare Metal Cloud innovator, phoenixNAP continually drives the IaaS market forward.


Established in 1996, CWIE has maintained consistent growth supporting the needs of their global client base with localized business services including administrative and HELP Desk support, accounting, and software development.